Basic hosting

Delivered the best value for the money plans are chooses mostly. What the company really have they show it because all tools online presence and expand .robust functionality ,ability to install free open source applications as the user can get for growing the business and free websites design and online marketing tools.24*7*365 phones and emails include in the basic hosting plan. 100 visitors in the day is mostly for small websites which have 25 pages. Free web site design, with free application designer the new functionality and application are added in the add aps like WordPress. Local search tools and SEO available .99.9% guarantee of uptime.

Fast and free latest version of software like WordPress, Zen Cart, 4images and more users can install and application installer is easy. Not technical team required. When updates and new patches are available then user got the fast notification. To manage all the application one central place is provides.


User can build the website without any design and HTML the time as much as visitor can visit the web site, installing, engaging with the site without slow downing. Every visit can load fast and consistently .this service is unique. Shared web hosting and IP addresses are less reliable and make the site slow in loading the page. With the dedicated server user have no issue. SSL certification is providing at any time.

Nightly and weekly backups are performing.30 day’s money back guarantee given. Answer the question of client by technical experts. User can access online tutorial, video library knowledge base for additional help. These features have the price and some ranges. Disk space is mostly provided unlimited in basic hosting. Monthly data transfer from 6TB to 12TB email accounts are available in mostly 100 to 500, email defense solutions and dedicated IP address are mostly found in the basic hosting. Ads on the web site make it unprofessional and mostly services force to ads and banners because they think that plain is just ugly. And some prefer the customer choice and not force on banner and the best plan have less ads and banners.