Dedicated sever

Client leases an server not share with someone else this is include in the dedicated server or manage hosting services. More flexibility is found in the dedicated server than share hosting. Hardware, operating system and server control is totally in the hand of organization. Up level of the dedicated server is referring to the complex managed hosting. Hybrid server and virtual server both physically apply in the dedicated server’s .a hybrid hosting solution choose the many services. managed and complex hosting service have some difference but the main difference is lies in the administration and engineering support  that’s why customer pay for the services and provided best the infrastructure deployment increase the complexity and size. Management, security, memory, storage and IT supports provide the server.

These services actually automatically an add-on services server provides and server control gives to the customer. Larger return investment and overhead services provide the dedicated server. These are mostly building in data center which is similar to colocation facilities and providing power source .control can gives the provider to the client operating system and application. And sometime own the server hardware. Benefit of performance, security email stability and control are given in the receive the large volume traffic and relatively high price of dedicated hosting.


Mostly in the server technology see that which operating system are offer on the dedicated server and availability, price and employee familiarity is determine this operating system features. No charges pay the customer on the Linux and UNIX. Windows server is mostly found in the commercial operating system .this is provides through the special program called Microsoft SPLA .on the monthly fee bases also offer the commercial version of Linux. Using the application yum provides the operating system updates on monthly charge on the operating system available on the open source. Level of the management offered with especially dedicated plans and provides the support for any of the operating system. Latest security, patches, and system wide vulnerability resolutions required in the core system and this updated support provides to the operating system.