Domain registration

A set of name server records with the DNS of parent domain established with registration of a domain. IP address is authoritative for the domain. This domain data of direct queries is provided the reference.           Registered domain for DNS services does not imply the provision automatically. Mostly company offers the domain with optional free DNS services. Self-hosting DNS registration is mostly the responsibility of the end user. Two names of server required the DNS registrar end user. Mostly it maintains information with the domain registries. And it provided to the public through contract of registrar.

The selection of registrar is done by the end user who is choosing these services. And then registrar becomes the designated registrar. From the database only the designated registrar can delete and modify the information. Switching the registrar is unusual. Registrar is involved in the invoking of domain transfer process. It is govern with specific policies.


Registrar must pay the maximum annual fees of US 7.85$ to verification sign and registered a domain with .com domain name for end user. And the registry operator must pay the 0.18$ to administration fee of ICANN .most registrar pay the both fees to end user and for administration to ICANN. Without any customer it’s tough to new companies to get the bulk of registry and enter into high bulk registrar industry.

Through reseller affiliation many registry offer .and the user can get from direct registrar or from one or more resellers. And as we know that resell cost is low in the recent few years. It is about 7.50$ per year to about 35$ per year for a simple with the other products such as web hosting service. 10 year is the maximum registration period .longer than 100 years also offer some registrar. And such offer that the registration is renewing after some time. Policy of transfer of registrations between registrars has defined the ICANN. The customer should know about that how can they register.

Verification is done with the email authentication code and it is done the admin contact that provided information is true.