Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting services offer the lot of companies. Reseller hosting mean the rent out some space of disk and bandwidth from the account owner and receive from the end in this case account owner is the hosting provider of the account. Individual control panel in the reselling packages is offer to the end user. But this rent out portion’s customer doesn’t have the technical support. And on the other side the customer who receive the from established web hosting company have the technical support.

The account owner of the reseller account doesn’t have the knowledge about the web hosting so it’s better to purchase the services direct from the web hosting company and it is fact. Mostly web hosting reseller is the beginner in the field of hosting rather than experience webmasters.


So this hosting also has some advantages and disadvantages. Price is the best advantage of the reselling. Available on the cheap rates may be a few dollar of the month. These resellers are not able to provide the technical support. Who starts their own business? Then the reselling is the best for those. With the limited startup cost low risk investment consist.

Reselling hosting is the good if the user is the experience web master .the client can enjoy the low costs web hosting. If the client is new in the hosting and programming then reselling is the not good option. Because if you have to fallen in the problems then no technical support provided and you need to establish the web hosting firms to troubleshoot the problem for you.

Regular web hosting and reseller web hosting is not be significant between price. Unique Star Company also has the reselling control panel given to access. With their own user control panel it is allow user to managing and providing the services. Create and modify their web site.

Once the customer log in to the control panel, then the customer able to the control the subdomain, email addresses and much more services without requiring any help. If the user has some problem and difficulties then support is available 24 hour to help.